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Posted by on Oct 17, 2012 in Poker

You can double the money in Bwin! For example, if you put $50 on you account, they are doubling it up to $100. This only works for your first deposit and you have to accomplish several terms and conditions,...

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Poker 104: Manos de inicio

Posted by on Dic 20, 2011 in Basic level

No hay una sola manera de jugar al poker; puedes jugar mejor o peor. Por lo tanto, puedes ganar dinero fácilmente si, simplemente, juegas mejor que tu contricante. Una baraja tiene 52 cartas. Las...

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$1000 Special Blackjack Bonus at Rushmore

Posted by on Dic 23, 2009 in Poker

  I like these ones. This consists on a credit card deposit; you put money at Rushmore, they give you the double (200%) up to $1000. For example; let’s say you have $100 and you want to gamble them...

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Poker 103: Combinaciones de poker

Posted by on Dic 20, 2009 in Basic level

In total, you have 7 cards (your 2 cards of the hand + 5 community cards). You can combine whichever cards you want in order to achieve one of the following combinations (from best to worst). When hand cards...

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Poker 102: Reglas básicas

Posted by on Dic 18, 2009 in Basic level

First of all I want you to know: playing and watching others play is the best way to learn. Anyway, here are the basics of No Limit Texas Hold’em: There usually are about 10 people per game. There can...

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