Play Poker in Las Vegas

photo_9808_20091113Are you planning trip to Sin City? Missing the poker part, that would be a real sin.

You can play poker wherever in Vegas. I remember seeing people playing poker while I was having lunch in a restaurant. But not everywhere in Vegas is as cool as the places I’m going to explain you. The best poker experience can be found at…

Poker at MGM

MGM Grand Hotel is the second biggest hotel in the world. Only with this information, I think you can imagine how gorgeous it is to play poker with high chips in there. You can feel like a millionaire, either if you are or are not.

Make a room reservation at MGM poker rooms! You will never forget it. It includes tableside food and beverage service and even massage therapists – it’s much better playing with comfort, don’t you think? Opened 24 hours a day.

Once you’ve win you can day-party at Wet Republica Ultra Pool. Life is cool; live it up.

Play poker at MGM Grand Hotel

Poker at Luxor

You just can’t miss Luxor Poker (make a room reservation here)! In Luxor, the fourth biggest hotel in the world, and it’s plenty of hot girls. Did I just say that? Oh pardon me, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. The only thing I gotta tell you is: if you’re single and willing, in Luxor you can have a lot of fun. Promised.

Do you know ladies receive a special bonus at poker tables just for being ladies? I know you just want the money, but winning money rounded by beautiful girls is a lot more satisfying. And they like players with chips, I’m telling you.

No doubt the place you gotta go when you’re done playing is the plenty of celebrities LAX Nightclub. You’ll never forget it.

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